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Our Winemaking

The vines grow and set a natural number of shoots and fruit, so we in turn take a minimal manipulation approach to the vines over their growing season.  We believe this to allow a true expression of our terroir.

The grapes are de-stemmed, without crushing, and loaded into small open top fermenters. The wines are fermented with natural, indigenous yeasts found within the vineyard. We believe that these yeasts are perfectly suited to ferment our fruit because they occur on the property itself.

Once the wines have finished fermenting they are tasted daily until an optimal balance point is reached when they are pressed through a traditional oak basket press. The wines are then matured in high-quality French oak until we decide they are ready to bottle.

During the winemaking process we follow a minimal intervention philosophy, striving to ensure our wine is as natural as possible. The wines of William Murdoch are boutique, natural, organic, and handmade.