About us

Ko Wai Tātou - who we are

The team at William Murdoch strive to produce handmade organic wines of character and distinction. These wines reflect the unique terroir of our world renowned Gimblett Gravels region. Our established low yeilding vineyard produces intensely flavoured fruit from which, with organic practices, we make wines that are elegant, yet powerful and concentrated. We specialise in red wine production.

William Murdoch

In the 1890s William Murdoch served as a guardsman in the legendary Coldstream regiment at Buckingham Palace. His personal ethos was one where  he strived for integrity, harmony, and authenticity, in all aspects of life. Inspired by his grandfathers values and the Murdoch Clan motto, Omine Secundo - under favorable omen, Brett Murdoch established the William Murdoch brand in  William's honour. 


William Murdoch is a BioGro licenced organic manufacturer. We are proud to produce fine wines without employing toxic chemicals. The vineyard is a healthy environment with bees and other insects thriving in the natural environment. Our practices include:

No insecticide use
No herbicide use
No systemic chemical use
No non-organic chemical use

The vineyard and winery are not only organic, but are healthy and harmonious environments.

Gimblett Gravels

Murdoch Wines is located in the renowned Gimblett Gravels winemaking district in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The district is celebrated for producing outstanding, premium red wines. Free draining soil and a warm mean temperatures allow traditional, bordeaux style, varieties to mature to their full potential.The nature of the growing environment produces full flavoursome premium wines.